Wetlands Work strives to create innovative solutions that work. We focus on wastewater treatment systems, sanitation promotion and awareness, natural swimming pool designs, and water quality testing.

Wastewater Treatment Systems 

Wetlands in nature clean water, while supporting diverse communities of plants, animals and microbes. Our wastewater and water treatment designs harness natural processes, such as in our constructed wetland systems and innovative biosand filtration systems.

Sanitation Promotion and Awareness

We partner with NGOs, government  and other stakeholders in developing and implementing programs for raising awareness of the importance of sanitation and the link between environmental and human health among diverse groups.

Natural Swimming Pool Designs

Natural swimming pools have been growing in popularity as a healthier, less expensive, and more aesthetic alternative to chemically treated systems.

Water Quality Testing

As part of our training program with Pannasastra University of Cambodia’s environmental science program, we provide basic water quality testing (E. coli and total coliforms, nitrate, and phosphate). Other parameters may also be available.  


Sanitation in Challenging Environments

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Designs

Experimental Designs