Introducing Sanitation in Flood Prone and High Groundwater Settlements

Millions of people worldwide face annual or episodic flood events which co-mingle waste waters from many sources, leading to significant health issues for populations over large geographic areas.

Wetlands Work! Ltd has developed an innovative solution to sanitation in flood-prone environments. Our three stage treatment design for flood-resilient sanitation is the first appropriate system for poor, marginalized populations living in such extreme environments. The system significantly improves upon current practices in excreta disposal and management in seasonally high groundwater table areas, as well.

Notable for being highly aesthetic, wetland-based treatment systems serve as visually appealing features to the home, with the ability to mitigate odors and, most importantly, lower the risk to health resulting from casual contact. Our design takes only 6 m2 of space; it relies on gravity flow and an appropriate retention period for anaerobic and aerobic microbial activity, and no energy, electrical, or chemical systems are required.

2015 Flood prone trtmt w plants

WW! design for sanitation in flood prone and high water table areas

Flood 3Vealsbov Flood Prone Community, WW! project for sanitation for 40 households